About Sammy's

Sammy's is the most unique car wash experience in South Jersey!!

Everyone loves a clean car but not everyone loves to wash the car or take the car to get washed.  It’s just another chore in our already busy lives.  Are you tired of driving around in a dirty car that is covered in pollen, road salt or road grime?  Are you tired of overpaying for an out-dated car wash that takes 30 minutes or more of your valuable time?

If so, then you will love Sammy’s Express Car Wash….a new state of the art, environmentally friendly express car washing center that makes your car  Clean Shiny Dry in 5 Minutes Time.


Locally Owned and Operated


Sammy’s Express Car Wash is planning to revolutionize the car wash experience in South Jersey.  Sammy’s Express is an express exterior car wash that offers a quick, high quality car wash for a fair price.  You stay in your the car thru the entire car wash process.  After you exit the wash tunnel, you can either proceed to our FREE VACUUM area to vacuum your car or exit our car wash to continue with your day.

Using state of the art car washing equipment together with an industry leading water reclamation system, we can deliver a clean, shiny and dry car in an earth friendly manner with less impact on the environment than an older car wash or an old school “Do It Yourself” driveway wash.  Our car wash uses 3 times LESS fresh water compared to a driveway wash.


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491 ROUTE 38 W | Maple Shade

801 ROUTE 70 W | MaRLTON