We take GREAT CARE of your CAR and we also strive to take GREAT CARE of the ENVIRONMENT!

We Use Less Water

Commercial car washing is the “greenest” way to wash your car. Our fine-tuned car wash machinery and pumps are calibrated to deliver the best car wash using the least water. We use a state of the art water reclamation system to use less and recycle even more water! Our car wash uses 3 times LESS fresh water compared to a driveway wash.

There’s a lot of potentially hazardous stuff that can build up on your car — heavy metals, phosphates, motor oil, antifreeze and other hazardous substances. If you are not careful, all of this can go straight into the storm drain system (which doesn’t receive any treatment) and in many cases goes directly into our local waterways and has been proven to be harmful to marine life, wildlife and plants.

This is a problem that has been recognized nationwide, and a study by Environmental Partners Inc. confirms that water quality in is affected by curbside car washing. We separate road pollutants including oils, heavy metals and antifreeze from the car wash wastewater we discharge. Once we’ve removed many of the potentially hazardous substances from the water we use, wastewater is then released into the sewer treatment system, not storm water systems, for further cleaning.

We Help Keep Our Waterways Clean